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Okay. This? This is a moment we need to talk about, because of the look in Stiles’s eyes—the tears in Stiles’s eyes. The unmitigated horror and loss.

That is not the look of a guy discovering that his friend-and-sometimes-ally has been de-aged. Nope. That’s the look of a guy whose lover has been lost, possibly irrevocably. That’s the look of Stiles realizing that all the memories he’s made with Derek have all but disappeared from Derek’s mind, that Derek doesn’t even remember who Stiles really is or how important they’ve become to each other.

Not to mention that this Derek isn’t Stiles’s Derek, not yet; this isn’t the man who grieves for his family everyday, and tries to be worthy of them. This isn’t the man that snarks with Stiles and trusts Stiles with his secrets and calls Stiles for help and repeatedly saves Stiles’s life and occasionally shows up for super-awkward dinners with Stiles and his dad.

This isn’t the Derek that Stiles has grown to love. He’s lost that Derek. Perhaps forever. And instead, here’s this boy, a boy whose innocence is going to be shattered all over again when he comprehends the cruelty of his once-girlfriend’s betrayal, and sees the burned-out carcass of the Hale house. Stiles is going to have to watch Derek discover that. He’s going to have to watch Derek go through that. He’s going to have to watch all the hope and happiness go out of Derek’s eyes.

I frankly think this is the most Sterek moment we’ve ever had, because that expression of Stiles’s is a dead giveaway that his feelings for Derek are in no way just “friendly” or “casual” or “affectionately antagonistic”. They go much deeper than that—deep enough for Stiles to be absolutely horrified by the de-aging of the man he loves.

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Okay so, the Doctor is from out of space but does he only breathe oxygen like everyone else? Does Gallifrey have an atmosphere like Earth’s? Because I’d never thought about it before now but he seems to be struggling just as much as everyone else and he does seem to have the same basic anatomy as a human, other than the two hearts. 

Anyone care to answer?

Gallifrey’s atmosphere is 77% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 2% other, which means that it’s similar to Earth’s atmosphere, but it’s a bit thinner.
The Doctor needs oxygen as well, but Time Lords have a raspiratory bypass system that allows them to go without breathing for a longer time span than humans.

Most fandoms have some pretty deep canon. The Doctor Who fandom can tell you the concentrations of gas in the atmosphere of the home planet of the main character. DW Fandom > Your fandom

This also means that Earth’s atmosphere gets the Doctor high, because it has double (or triple, I can’t do math, forgive me) the oxygen of Gallifrey. Obviously the TARDIS has an Earth-like oxygen level inside of it, which can explain why he’s so bloody hyper all the time.

so are you telling me that the Doctor protects Earth because it’s where he gets his fix is that it

Yup. We’ve gone insane. 

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